12 Horses Stand In A Straight Line And Wait. When A Man Does THIS? Amazing…

Not many people on Earth can say they are horse whisperer’s, but Lorenzo can. He has been devoted to horses and farm life since he was a small child.  Even as a small child he knew had to spend his life with horses and as a result, he has devoted his life to working with them, training them, and performing with them. He understands them like no one else does.

He has produced the most spectacular man-horse shows you can imagine with just himself and his 18 horse crew. He performs A-class shows for numerous onlookers of all ages. It’s hard to even imagine one man performing with so many horses at the same time, but when you watch the video, you will see how he does it.

Lorenzo’s success is because of his confidence and trust in his horses. Some people think that to train a horse you must use force and control, but Lorenzo proves that the opposite is true. He allows his horses to be free and trusts them to follow him rather than making them obey. As a result, he accomplishes amazing things with these animals.

See all of Lorenzo’s incredible act with horses in this video.

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