130-Pound Dog Steps Into Home For The First Time In His Life

Meet Cosmo, the 130-pound dog is getting a second chance at life.

Watching a puppy’s “firsts” are such a fun time – the first time trying to go up or downstairs, the first time they experience snow, the first time they see themselves in the mirror, and so many other fun memories. Cosmo is finally getting to experience some milestone “firsts,” but sadly he’s doing this as an adult.

Cosmo is a huge, 130-pound Saint Bernard who has had a very rough life so far. No one could understand why this gentle giant was surrendered to the Hearts United for Animals shelter in Nebraska. The breeder who brought him in didn’t give any reasons; they just left him. Even though poor Cosmo was so confused in his new surroundings, he was very friendly with the staff and quickly became a favorite.

The shelter staff shared Cosmo’s profile on a pet adoption site, and hundreds of miles away, Jayne and her husband Geoff just so happened across it. As soon as Jayne saw Cosmo’s giant brown and white face looking up at the camera, she instantly fell in love with him.

Jayne knew Cosmo was destined to be a part of her family, and she didn’t let something like distance deter her. Since Jayne and her husband lived in New York, and Cosmo was in Nebraska, she decided to catch a flight from New York and make the long, long drive back home with Cosmo in the back of the car.

“I don’t know if Cosmo has any understanding of what’s happening, but I think he understands there’s a human here who wants to give him some love and he’s pretty happy about it,” Jayne said.

The next morning, Cosmo started his long ride to his forever home and finally started crossing off some milestones. This was Cosmo’s first car ride, so he was a bit awkward about getting into the car at first. Once he figured out car rides were pretty fun, he settled down and napped in the back seat most of the ride back to New York.

When Cosmo and Jayne finally arrived home in New York, it was clear that this was Cosmo’s first time in a house. Over the next two days, Cosmo got to experience so many firsts. He got to figure out how to walk up and downstairs, he figured out very quickly that treats were amazing, and that pets and belly rubs were the best things ever.

Perhaps the most precious thing, though, was when Cosmo met Jayne’s children for the first time. His eyes lit up, and he all but melted when they started petting him. It was love at first sight.

Cosmo instinctively knew that he was safe and surrounded by love. In the passing months, these assurances have helped Cosmo relax and start to really enjoy life – just like a dog should. His sweet, gentle nature is starting to show more and more with each passing day. It’s incredible what difference love can make in a dog’s life.

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130-Pound Dog Steps Into Home For The First Time In His Life