This 9-Year-Old Pit Bull Was About To Be Euthanized… When You Learn Why, You'll Be SHOCKED

When people are looking for an animal to adopt as a pet, they usually look for one that is still young, so that they can grow in their new homes. Puppies and kitties get adopted fairly easily, but for the elderly animals in shelters, life can be much harder. Most of them are overlooked by potential pet parents, and if by any chance a puppy or a kitty doesn’t get adopted before they grow up, their chances diminish drastically.

Chris and Mariesa Hughes recognize this serious issue, and for this reason they founded the Mr. Mo project, a special shelter for elderly dogs that cares for them and gives them the home that they always deserved. They do this by covering the elder dogs’ medical expenses for their adoptive families, so that they can give them everything they need and all the love that they deserve without feeling too compromised.

Chris and his wife Mariesa have a history of rescuing stray dogs, and one of their first rescues, Moses, was the inspiration for this project that helps elder homeless dogs. It’s an entirely nonprofit organization that works thanks to donations, and their kindness knows no bounds.

Watch this touching story of stray dogs in need in the video right below.

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