Adopted Baby Chimpanzees Joyously Play With Bubbles in Tub

They’re like toddlers, so smart and so cute.

Selfless couple Jimmy and Jenny Desmond have adopted over 30 orphaned chimpanzees and aren’t stopping anytime soon. They are caretakers at the Liberia Chimpanzee Rescue. The two filled a tub of water with organic dish soap, and the chimps had a thrilling time.

Many times baby chimpanzees in the wild are orphaned because their mothers become sold to the bushmeat market. The Desmond’s adopt these helpless creatures to allow them to live as normal of a life as they possibly can without mom around.

It doesn’t take much to entertain a baby chimp. You can use just about anything you have around the house to give these little guys a good time. Whether you have extra toilet paper, a crinkle tunnel, or an old tire, these chimps will make good use out of it.

When Jim and Jenny brought them a tub of warm water with non-toxic and organic dish soap in it, the chimps went nuts. Filled with awe and wonder, they began cupping the bubbles, playing with sponges and even had a water fight with each other.

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Adopted Baby Chimpanzees Joyously Play With Bubbles in Tub