Adorable baby elephant enjoys playing around in the nature park

I wish I had half the energy this baby elephant has.

Wan Mai, the baby elephant, sprints through the dirt fields, kicking up clouds of dust as a pair of adult elephants watch him from a distance. It is a beautiful day for fun.

In the pool, Wan Mai is determined to splash like there’s no tomorrow. He kicks up as much water as he can. He visits it more than once during the entire day.

Indeed the pool would run out of water eventually. But it seems endless as Wan Mai repeatedly runs in circles, displacing a huge amount of water. He even drinks some with his trunk and also sprays some into the air.

Someone threw a soccer ball into the pool, and it floated right on the surface. Wan Mai kept his eye on it and approached it slowly. Then he pounced on it.

The ball spun on the water, and it didn’t move very far. Wan Mai kicked it around, and water went everywhere. The two elephants were standing beside the pool, enjoying a hearty meal.

His day was packed, and Wan Mai soon grew exhausted. He walked in between the elephants and decided to take a nap under their warmth.

The elephants didn’t mind. Wan Mai slept comfortably while they continued to eat beside the pool. It was a day full of fun for the energetic baby elephant.

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Adorable baby elephant enjoys playing around in the nature park