Adorable Cows Can’t Stop Mooing ‘Hello’ To Lady

My favorite part is when one of the cows says, “moo.” And rather loudly.

Old McDonald had a farm, and on that farm, he had a cow. Here a cow, there a cow, everywhere a cow. These cows are on a farm in Gore Bay, ON, Canada. And they are a pretty chatty herd.

There are a few baby cows in the mix, who also get in on the conversation. I wonder what they are thinking. Which got me thinking, I wonder why cows moo? According to Kristofor Husted, cows moo for a few reasons.

They could be trying to find their friends in unfamiliar surroundings. Mooing between cows and babies is a way that they can recover lost calves. Maybe they are hungry and would like Old McDonald to come along and feed them. They might also want to be milked, make a baby, or they are stressed.

These cows are mooing at a stranger on the side of the road, so I’m guessing it is one of three things. First, they think she brought the hay. Second, they believe she is a substitute milker. Lastly, they do not appreciate being recorded and want her to know. They may also be mad; she didn’t bring the hay or a bucket.

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Adorable Cows Can’t Stop Mooing ‘Hello’ To Lady