Adorable dog hilariously interrupts owner’s Zoom call by loudly passing gas

I’ve had this happen to me before. It was so loud that everyone thought it was me!

From the second the video loads, we can instantly see an adorable, round face staring up at us. Who does it belong to? Meet Olive, a cute French Bulldog who’s the main star of the TikTok channel @olivetheadorabull.

Like most dogs, Olive has quite a few charming quirks that add to her personality. However, as anyone who has a dog themselves will know, these quirks aren’t always rated “G” for general audiences!

This particular video starts innocently enough, showing Olive looking up at the camera with her big, round eyes. Her ears are pointed up towards the sky as we can hear voices talking lightly in the background.

After looking at the camera for a few moments and then briefly looking down, Olive quickly glances up, presumably at her owner. Apparently satisfied by her reaction (or lack thereof), she slowly begins to lower her head. What could she be doing?

Well, we soon find out. Olive lets out a loud and long toot. The hilarity of the situation is emphasized by the look on her face. It seems to be a mixture of “don’t look at me” and “you didn’t hear a thing.”

Although we don’t hear any laughing in the video, we’re sure her owner was cracking up inside. Hopefully, the call wasn’t too important, as this noise could certainly send the wrong message to other chat members.

This hilarious video is only eleven seconds long, so you’ll likely end up watching it more than once. It’s totally worth it: we just can’t stop laughing at how this French Bulldog princess seems to think she’ll get away with it!


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Adorable dog hilariously interrupts owner\'s Zoom call by loudly passing gas