Adorable Hummingbird Hatchlings in Nest With Mother Rosie

Bella’s such a good mama bird.

Thanks to the ever-changing technology, we’re able to see more and more animals in their natural habitats. Whether you enjoy watching deer in your backyard, birds on the tops of trees, or sneaky foxes roam the fields; wildlife is always entertaining.

In January of 2016, a beautiful Allen’s Hummingbird named Bella laid two eggs. The next she called home was observed by a webcam to watch the bird of the new babies. A few weeks later, at the beginning of February, the eggs began to crack.

The hummingbird hatchlings were breaking free and ready to be a part of a new world. Being able to see what it’s like when hummingbirds are born is an extraordinary and fascinating venture that we’re glad is captured by a camera.

Bella quickly flew in to check on her babies and help them come out of their shells. The loving mama bird had worms and bugs ready for them to eat up. We hope the two cuties are living a happy and healthy life.

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Adorable Hummingbird Hatchlings in Nest With Mother Rosie