Adorable Newborn Mule Baby Born With Rare Spots

What a little cutie.

When you think of equine animals, you’ll likely think of horses since they get the majority of the spotlight. One of the most beautiful equines that don’t get a lot of attention are mules. Recently, a newborn baby mule was born with a unique coat.

Different shades of brown are the most common color of hair that mules will have. They don’t have any pattern or cool design, except for this adorable newborn baby. Born from a mother who has mostly white hair with a few black spots, this little cutie shocked his owners.

With a breathtaking mix of white and black hair, he is the first young mule to participate in the U.S. dressage finale. There’s never been a mule that has looked quite like him before. His coat almost has a luxurious marble look to it.

While we don’t know what place he scored in the U.S. dressage finale, we bet the judges and audience were shocked when they saw this beautiful equine. It makes you wonder what other animals have been born with a unique look to them.

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Adorable Newborn Mule Baby Born With Rare Spots