Adorable otter watches humans eat

The otter loves playing with her food.

A cute otter had a delightful reaction to humans eating food in front of her. She was more interested in playing than eating.

A young otter provided a delightful moment during lunchtime with her human friends. When they began eating, she jumped onto the table to observe.

The young otter, named Hana, was fascinated by her friends as they enjoyed their meal. She was occasionally given small pieces of food, which she carefully investigated.

Later, she decided it was a good idea to turn the food pieces into small toys, and she batted items back and forth between her hands, clearly enjoying herself.

The cute little other then rolled onto her back and held the food in her paws, mimicking what she would do if she were enjoying a meal herself in the open ocean.

It was a priceless reaction for the young otter, and it certainly will not be the last time that she comes to the table with her friends.

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Adorable otter watches humans eat