Adorable pet raccoon sits like a human while emptying his grape jar

I love how he carefully grabs the red ones!

Adorable is the best way to describe the way BuriBuri consumes his food. It’s like a quick gobble followed up by excessive chewing.

BuriBuri is on his way to becoming a celebrity. The cute pet raccoon loves being on camera while eating. He already has several social media accounts set up, and remains one of the cutest raccoons on the internet.

In the video, BuriBuri shows that he has a favorite spot on the couch. While eating, he also has a favorite position – sitting upright, like a human.

This can be jarring to see at first, especially when his paws start grabbing at the grapes in the jar. It’s this quirky way of sitting and eating that led to his human posting a video of the process. BuriBuri is like a giant greedy housecat, gobbling down food while remaining curious about his surroundings.

Buriburi has many other videos that explore his human-like behavior. What was once a shy baby raccoon has become a full-blown member of the family.

Raccoons can be domesticated, but it takes a lot of work. BuriBuri is a great example of what happens when you give a lot of love and care to the upbringing of an animal. He is well fed, well cared for, and has unlimited tv time while eating snacks.

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Adorable pet raccoon sits like a human while emptying his grape jar