Adorable Piglet Is All Kinds of Happy Racing Through His Yard

Oliver the piggy has the zoomies!

Everyone needs a routine or a regular hobby to pass the time and let off some steam from stressful days. The healthier and fit folks like to hit the gym or take long jogs, while others like me prefer more unorthodox but fun ways to let out all that extra energy and vibes, like dancing around to music or taking a splash in the pool on hot, sunny days. Even our animal friends have their own special ways to have fun and do active workouts, like the piggy in the video shown below.

All this cute little porcine fellow needs to get his work out on, is a space with enough room and fresh dirt to make some quick laps running around. Oliver, as the sweet little piglet is called, is very much unlike the stereotypes we usually see of pigs, being calm and cozy all day in their piles of mud.

Oliver is like a pro athlete, and he enjoys sprinting around even in very small spaces, feeling the rush of the run, and enjoying himself in the simplest way you could imagine. He looks just like a young kid who’s had a little bit too much sugar.

Watch Oliver zooming around for yourself in the cute video right below. I may need a nap just from watching all that energy.

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Adorable Piglet Is All Kinds of Happy Racing Through His Yard