Adorable rescued puppies model for their adoption photo shoot

Such adorable and photogenic puppies. They should have no trouble finding forever homes

Adorable puppy

When it comes to the pet adoption world, a picture is worth a thousand words. For that reason, these two abandoned puppies, Oscar and Tiger, needed to get good photos for their adoption ad.

Adorable puppy

When the foster family first met the two puppies, Oscar and Tiger, the little ones lived in the trash with no one to watch over them. The foster family knew they had to help the two babies.

So, the foster family took Oscar and Tiger back to the house, where they nursed them back to health, gave them a safe home and got them ready to find their forever homes.

Adorable puppy

That search for their forever homes brought Oscar and Tiger to their “‘Please adopt me’ photo session.” Oscar and Tiger turned out to be some of the best models the photographer could have asked to have.

Each picture of Oscar and Tiger turned out more adorable than the last. And after doing lots of hard work being cute, their foster mom put down food for the puppies to eat.

Adorable puppies

After lunch, it was time to take more photos. In this next photo shoot the photographer found out she had a diva on her hands. Tiger was intent on pushing his brother out of the frame whenever he could.

With heartwarming photos like the ones they took, Oscar and Tiger would find the forever homes they were looking for soon. Check out their lovable photos for yourself and see what we mean.

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Adorable rescued puppies model for their adoption photo shoot