Adorable Shetland Pony Enjoys Favorite British Stereotype

I want to have a cuppa with Baylah.

There are stereotypes for just about every country in the world. When you think of Britain, you may think of people drinking tea, the Queen, or your favorite London heartthrob. You’ll be laughing until your sides hurt when you see this pony that couldn’t possibly be more British.

Tricia Nassau-Williams is a 56-year-old woman from Advent, North Cornwall, who loves her pets as much as anyone else. She has a gorgeous Standard Shetland Pony that has beautiful long brunette locks and is a little taller than Tricia’s waist.

What’s so unique and special about this pony? Well, wins the hypothetical award of the most British pony in the world due to her love of tea. Baylah comes inside for tea time every day, searches the fridge for any treats or biscuits to go with the delicious beverage.

We can’t blame this adorable animal for loving one of the best drinks in the world. While the pony doesn’t have a favorite, she sure likes to drink one big cup after another. Who knows, maybe next she’ll be solving mysteries alongside Sherlock and Watson.

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Adorable Shetland Pony Enjoys Favorite British Stereotype