Amazing Bond Between Girl and Gorilla Caught on Camera

Braylee and Gus playing is the cutest thing ever.

The world can be a mysterious place full of strange and wondrous sights. But sometimes, the most captivating moments are the ones that showcase just how similar we truly are, regardless of our species. This heartwarming video of a baby gorilla named Gus and a little girl named Braylee is a perfect example.

Gus was born at the Forth Worth Zoo, the first western lowland gorilla to be born there in over a century. His existence alone is a miracle, as his species is critically endangered. So, when Gus was born, everyone was excited, not just because he was special, but because, well, who doesn’t love babies?

But it wasn’t until Gus was a few months old that he truly captured the world’s attention. A photo of him and little Braylee playing patty cake through a glass wall quickly went viral, showcasing just how similar babies of different species can be. The photo spread across the world, and a video of the story was viewed over 3.5 million times on Inside Edition’s YouTube page.

In the video, we see the little girl crouching down to place her hands on the glass, mimicking Gus’s hand gestures on the other side. It’s a touching moment that highlights the beauty of babies, regardless of whether they are human or animal. And seeing how tiny Gus is compared to the toddler is just too cute to handle.

Gus has always been an adorable and lovable gorilla. There was even a huge contest to select his name, which garnered over 8,800 votes. Local celebrities endorsed their favorite name, and TCU’s SuperFrog campaigned on behalf of Gus. But in the end, the students of Pittsburg State pushed Gus’s name to the top, as it happened to match their mascot, Gus the Gorilla.

Now, Gus is older and a big boy, but he still loves spending time with his parents, Elmo and Gracie. And while he may not be a baby anymore, this video of him and little Braylee reminds us that even the tiniest creatures can touch our hearts.

So, if you haven’t already, watch the video of Gus and the little girl for yourself. You won’t regret it. And if you’re anything like me, you’ll want to share it with everyone you know because there’s just something about this video that touches your soul.

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Amazing Bond Between Girl and Gorilla Caught on Camera