Armadillo Lizards Are Hauntingly Gorgeous Mini-Dragon Lookalikes

It totally looks like a mini-dragon.

If you’ve ever watched movies like Lord Of The Rings or television shows like Game Of Thrones, you’ve likely seen a mythical dragon or two. Meet the Armadillo lizard, a real-life version of a mini-dragon.

Understandably, most people wouldn’t consider lizards to be one of the cutest animals in the world. Armadillo lizards are changing the public’s mind since they look exactly like a tiny dragon that you’d expect to see in a sci-fi movie.

These adorable creatures can be found in the Succulent Karoo region of South Africa. Their body looks just like armor and is used to ward off predators. These cute critters have impressive skills, like being able to stay completely still for over an hour.

Armadillo lizards grow up to four inches long and can live for up to a decade. They don’t lay eggs and give birth one to two times per year. These mini-dragons stay away from humans are considered an endangered species but continue to live happily in the wild.

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Armadillo Lizards Are Hauntingly Gorgeous Mini-Dragon Lookalikes