ASMR turtle eats red dragon fruit in this relaxing video

The way his tongue comes out is probably the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

The latest ASMR video to go viral is one in which a turtle is seen (and heard) eating a piece of red dragon fruit. Yes, a turtle is going viral for eating fruit.

In the video, we see the little guy slowly chomping on a juicy piece of the fruit while someone offscreen holds a tiny microphone near its adorable little head.

The video was uploaded to a Youtube channel called Animal ASMR which has a whopping 917K subscribers, with this video getting close to 8 million views!

They are known for posting videos of tiny animals eating tiny pieces of food while a tiny microphone picks up every sound of the process. Besides this turtle, they also regularly feature an iguana, a guinea pig, a snail, and a hamster.

The turtle seems to be the most popular player on Animal ASMR but the guinea pig is closing in fast. The channel creators have even made a separate channel for it called Guinea Pig ASMR.

Although the guinea pig’s channel has only 32K subscribers, the videos still get hundreds of thousands of views.

This video is a must-watch for fans of ASMR. There seems to be something very relaxing and fascinating about a tiny turtle munching on a piece of fruit.

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ASMR turtle eats red dragon fruit in this relaxing video