Baby elephant, Khanyisa, decides to take a nap while she’s eating

I love how Khaniysa still snacks while she is laying down.

At only two years old, the baby elephant Khanyisa was growing more like her adult family members with each day. She was learning to use her trunk for feeding, and she kept up with the adults.

But in the end, Khanyisa was still a baby, which meant she needed to take naps. She did not always choose to take them at the best times. In this case, she decided to lie down while she was still eating.

Fortunately, Khanyisa’s adoptive family members, Timisa and Kumbura, were there to watch over her while she relaxed. After two years with her new family, Khanyisa knew she was safe to rest while her adults looked out for her.

Two years ago, the albino baby elephant survived a snaring incident. With her parents gone, she came to live with her new herd in South Africa, and her new family welcomed her with open arms – or trunks.

Even when Khanyisa playfully kicked Timisa’s leg, the two older elephants were careful and protective of the little one. “They will just watch over Khanyisa,” said one of the caretakers.

Timisa and Kumbura were not the only ones keeping an eye on the baby elephant. At their own respective plants, Lundi and Bubi watched out for the little one while she took her nap. “They know exactly what is going on,” said the caretaker.

What an adorable, calm scene for this baby elephant. After two years of living with her new herd, Khanyisa now had a family who cared for her and would protect her no matter what.

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Baby elephant, Khanyisa, decides to take a nap while she’s eating