Baby elephant stands by her mom until she’s saved from muddy plight

Baby elephant’s loyalty moves me. 🐘❤️

There is an old saying, “A mother’s love knows no bounds,” and this couldn’t be truer in the animal kingdom as well. The lengths a mother will go to protect her offspring is a testament to the incredible power of a mother’s love. This is a story of a mother elephant and her calf who were trapped in a dam and the incredible effort made to rescue them.

In recent times, Kenya and Tanzania experienced prolonged droughts, severely impacting both local populations and wildlife. The drought led the wildlife to search for water, sometimes proving to be a risky task. Locals had to save two female elephants stuck in mud while trying to drink water. Only days later, another rescue operation was organized when a mother elephant and her calf got stuck in the same dam. According to the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, the mother and baby, exhausted from their search for water, ended up near the dam, which they considered a safe spot to drink water. Unfortunately, the dam almost became their mud tomb had local vets not arrived and intervened on time.

The mother elephant lost her footing in the slick mud and, as she thrashed around trying to stand again, she only ended up getting more stuck and, worst of all, she accidentally took her baby with her. Mother and calf could not figure out how to get out of there, but the mother’s instinct prevailed, urging her to try to protect her baby using her trunk. On the second day, the wildlife trust was notified of the emergency, and a helicopter flew to the Kenya-Tanzania border to find the stuck elephants.

The baby was quite easy to pull out, but the mother tried to make it hard for the locals because she felt she had to protect her little one from humans. However, they made it, and the calf was safely out of the mud. Surprisingly, his instinct was just as strong as his mom’s because he kept going back to the dam to make sure his mom would be fine. This made the vets’ job harder, so they had to anesthetize both elephants to carry out the project successfully.

The team managed to secure tow ropes around her front legs and bum, attached to a tractor, which was then caravanned to two Land Cruisers. With a mighty pull, the three-vehicle convoy managed to haul the elephant out of her muddy prison. When both animals were safe, the vets woke them up. Soon, the baby got to his mom, who was finally able to stand on her feet again, and they left together.

It was a truly heartwarming rescue that demonstrated the indomitable spirit of a mother’s love and the lengths she will go to protect her child. It also showed the incredible efforts of the local community and the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust to protect and preserve wildlife. Their work is a reminder of the importance of supporting organizations that are dedicated to animal welfare and conservation.

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Baby elephant stands by her mom until she\'s saved from muddy plight