A baby fox named “Fawzi” is just as cute as his name sounds

He likes to cuddle. ❤️

Raising a baby animal is not always easy, but even the roughest times will be worth it when you have moments like this fur parent shared with his baby fox, Fawzi.

Image Credit: Madly Odd

Fawzi was one of several foxes that the Save A Fox Rescue rescued from fur farms and homes that could not provide care to them. But unlike some of the other foxes, Fawzi’s forever home was with Ethan and Mikayla.

While most people might be nervous about having a fox in their home, Fawzi seemed to fit right in with Ethan and Mikayla. Like any pet, Fawzi had his quirks.

Image Credit: Madly Odd

Fawzi seemed to have decided that his dad made the perfect bed. While his dad worked, Fawzi settled onto his shoulders, and he even started cleaning behind his dad’s ears, making sure he cleaned them symmetrically.

Ethan started giggling almost immediately. “This almost makes up for this morning,” he said. And when Mikayla asked what happened this morning, he responded, “He ran across my face while I was sleeping, and then he did it 10 more times.”

Image Credit: Madly Odd

But who could stay mad at that adorable face? Judging by his big smile as the baby fox nibbled on the brim of his hat, Ethan could not remain angry either.

What an adorable scene and what a beautiful insight into this baby fox’s loving homelife. Even if having a baby fox comes with getting woken up in the morning, this family seemed to have decided it was a price worth paying for all that cuteness.

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