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Baby monkey ‘Bon Bon’ loves taking baths and playing with her puppy friend

She is so well-behaved while being given a bath.

Baby monkey 'Bon Bon' and her puppy friend

Baby monkey, Bon Bon, is given a nice bath to make sure she is all clean and healthy. She is small enough to fit in two human hands, and there is even a tiny bathtub for her.

Bon Bon is rubbed gently with soap and carefully showered with water. During the entire process, she remains calm and sweet as she seems to enjoy taking a bath.

Her eyes are big, round, and wide when she is being dried with a small towel. There are times Bon Bon looks like she could fall asleep from the utter relaxation.

After drying, she wears a pretty yellow dress and rests on the small blue bed in her room. Bon Bon’s puppy friend comes running in to visit her when he knows her bath is over.

The puppy is slightly bigger than Bon Bon, and he starts to lick her face, and she enjoys it. His tail wags back and forth with excitement, and all he wants to do is play.

Bon Bon and the puppy take their adventure to the outdoors. They run around and chase each other on the grass. At one point, Bon Bon climbs on top of the puppy and wraps her arms around him.

With Bon Bon on top, the puppy tries his best to walk around. He doesn’t get far, but they have fun rolling around in the grass and playing together.

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Baby monkey \'Bon Bon\' loves taking baths and playing with her puppy friend