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Baby monkey helps take care of fuzzy baby ducks

They look so happy and peaceful in nature.

The video of two unlikely species coming together and take care of each other has recently gone viral. In it, we see how a baby monkey and a family of ducklings spend a day together.

Five yellow baby ducks follow around a fuzzy-haired baby monkey. If the premise of this story doesn’t make you gush from the overload of adorableness, the cute video surely will.

The video is made sweeter by the presence of such endearing animals and the sounds they make accompanied by the calming music. The creators seem to know the formula for cuteness.

During the video, we see how the tiny ducklings are captivated by the baby monkey. One of them even goes as far as grooming their grey-haired companion. The small monkey gives thanks by lovingly petting them and watching out for them along the way.

More than 65 million people have seen these fuzzy animals groom one another, eat, and play around the yard. Commentators have gushed over their cuteness and fallen in love with these adorable animals.

They have also indicated that it’s nice to see the baby monkey spending time with other animals in nature. Calling it the ‘true pleasures of life.’ These fuzzy friends have captured the attention of many.

‘Baby monkey helps dad take care of ducks’ seems to be part of a larger collection of videos that shows a grey-haired monkey named BiBi having many adventures. The videos show how this adorable monkey from Indonesia is friendly and protective towards other animals.

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Baby monkey helps take care of fuzzy baby ducks