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Beagle From Lab Experiences Loving New Family After Rescue

Wow. I had no idea this was still happening.

Companies all around the world have been testing animals for years. Thankfully, several businesses have become cruelty-free, ending the abuse of innocent animals. This family gets an opportunity to adopt a beagle who’s never experienced love from a human before.

When dogs are used in testing, they never get to frolic outside, feel the touch of a human hug, and their living conditions are far from fair. The Beagle Freedom Project is a rescue group that focuses on getting these animals in loving homes.

Echo was one of the many dogs who experienced abuse while being tested in labs in China. After six years of testing, Echo went blind, and she suffered from trauma. Thanks to foster mom Hannah, Echo’s life changed for the better.

After a vet visit, they determined Echo would be in less pain if they removed one of her eyes. It took a lot of patience and love, but Echo is now thriving and happy in her new home with a couple named Jenna and Jay. She has a playful personality that absolutely shocked her foster family.

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Beagle From Lab Experiences Loving New Family After Rescue