Blind & Deaf Great Dane Shares Unbreakable Bond With Toddler

She’s his seeing-eye girl!

Born blind and deaf, Great Dane Echo didn’t seem to be set up for a happy life. But after he was adopted by a loving mom, the gifts just kept coming. His favorite? The birth of baby Jennie, who is now Echo’s best friend and partner in crime.

Echo was taken to a New York shelter when he was 12 weeks old. Because he was blind and deaf, his odds of euthanization were high. But Marion Dwyer changed all that when she fell in love with the oversized pup and took him home with her to upstate New York.

Echo had another surprise to come when Marion became pregnant with Jennie. As soon as she was born, Echo had found a new best friend, following Jennie around and doing his best to protect her.

The dynamic duo’s favorite activity is their daily walk, during which Jennie — who doesn’t even rise to the height of Echo’s back — insists on holding the leash. Echo, sometimes sporting matching sunglasses, might not be able to see where he’s going, but with his best friend at the helm, he knows he’s in good hands.

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Blind & Deaf Great Dane Shares Unbreakable Bond With Toddler