Border Collies enjoy planting seeds around the forest

Dogs and people working together to make the world a better place.

Thanks to the intelligence and energy of Border Collies, two sisters are able to help plant seeds in the burned-out forests of Chile.

In Chile, a lot of forests are prone to wildfire due to drought and logging. Two sisters, Francisca and Costanza Torres have started a project to plant trees in this area.

With no support, using their own money they buy seeds which they place in the backpacks of their helpful, intelligent, and loyal Border Collies.

The dogs then run around the areas with their backpacks full of seeds. The seeds fall freely, falling into holes and crevices where they can take root.

Then of course the dogs are rewarded with treats and love. They seem to consider it more of play or a field trip than actual work.

Together they don’t expect to restore all the forests of Chile, but they want to do what they can to bring back the nature they grew up loving.

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Border Collies enjoy planting seeds around the forest