Boxer helps his blind best friend down a flight of stairs

The big dog is so sweet and caring towards the smaller dog. This touched my heart.

A flight of stairs can be a long way down when you’re blind. With friends like Dexter, it becomes a guaranteed safe journey.

Good Samaritans aren’t always human. Dexter the boxer has been an important part of Ginger’s life for years. When Ginger went blind, Dexter was right there to help him get around.

When Ginger had trouble eating, Dexter would push his bowl closer. And when Ginger needed help finding the bed, you know who was right there.

But it’s still amazing to see the lengths that this boxer goes to take care of his buddy. When Ginger needs to get up and down the stairs, it can be a scary trip. That is why Dexter is right there to guide him from the beginning to the end.

The entire sequence was caught on camera, and it was beautiful. If you like emotional moments, then this will be in the top ten for you this year.

Dogs are highly intelligent, especially when it comes to empathy. They understand when a person is in need without having to be alerted. Dexter is a champion boxer and deserves all of the attention he gets.

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Boxer helps his blind best friend down a flight of stairs