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Little boy rescued from drowning by family dog

What a little legend dog.

This heartwarming story, fortunately, has a happy ending for both the brave dog and the almost drown boy.

This story proves that dogs are the best guardian animals in the world.

One sunny day a man and his dog were running at the beach when suddenly the man noticed a kid out in the water where the river and ocean met.

The kid was swept out into a nearby rocky outcrop by the tide. It was panicked and in danger of drowning.

The man got ready to jump in the water when he realized that his dog, a Staffy-Bulldog mix was already swimming towards the child.

That day at the beach, the dog was wearing a lifejacket, but he was a capable swimmer, even without it, as well.

The man shouted to the child to call the dog for help. The dog got close to him and the boy grabbed onto the handle on the back of the dog’s lifejacket and they both got back to the shore.

The dog was so happy to have done his duty of helping a little boy in need.

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Little boy rescued from drowning by family dog