Little boy has the most touching reunion with his lost dog

These reunions always get to me.

For most parents of fur babies, one of their biggest fears is that one day, their animal might go missing. Unfortunately, Tyler had to realize that fear when his Pitbull Bruiser went missing.

Tyler and his mom, Jamie, did everything they could think of to find their lost pup. Soon after Bruiser disappeared, they posted a reward flier in all the stores and corners of their neighborhood.

But for weeks, there was no news about Bruiser. “[Tyler] asked every day when I picked him up from school, he would say ‘Mom did you not have any luck finding Bruiser?’ and I would say, ‘No,’” said Jamie.

The loss was hardest on Tyler who saw Bruiser as an integral part of his family. “And I cried for days without him because I missed him so much,” said Tyler. “It’s like I hadn’t seen my brother in two months.”

Before he went missing, Bruiser had been with Tyler from the moment the boy woke up until he went to bed. “I missed seeing his cute little face when I’d wake up,” said Tyler.

Fortunately, Tyler did not need to wait much longer to see his canine best friend. While he was at school, Jamie received a call from animal control saying they had found their dog. Jamie and her husband decided to videotape the moment Tyler and Bruiser reunited.

The moment Tyler saw his long-lost friend, he burst into tears, hugging and embracing Bruiser. “I finally get to see my little brother that I missed for two months,” said Tyler.

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Little boy has the most touching reunion with his lost dog