Brave yorkie protects 10-year-old girl from vicious coyote

That’s a Yorkie for you. They are fearless little beasts.

Brave yorkie and owner

When people think of vicious members of the Canidae family, wild dogs and wolves usually spring to mind. But those animals will often avoid humans. That is not the case, however, for coyotes.

Brave yorkie with owner
Image Credit: Madly Odd

A few days before the encounter of a lifetime, Lily Kwan saw neighborhood flyers warning about coyotes. While not the scariest of the Canidae family, coyotes are not to be underestimated, a lesson Lily and her Yorkie Macy were about to find out.

It seemed like a typical sunny day in Toronto as Lily walked down the street with Macy, but then a coyote struck, chasing after Lily and her dog. And as Lily ran, Macy couldn’t keep up.

Brave yorkie
Image Credit: Madly Odd

As her little legs struggled to carry her, the terrified Lily screamed for help, running to the nearest neighbor. But then, surprising Lily and the coyote as well, Macy turned to protect her owner.

The coyote was fierce and driven by hunger, but the tiny Macy refused to back down. As Lily found safety at one of her neighbors’ houses, Macy fought for her life.

Image Credit: Madly Odd

Thankfully, Macy was able to get away, but not unscathed. She is currently in recovery at the ICU. It will take time and money, but brave Macy gets to see another day.

Macy is just one more account of the compassion and loyalty of our canine companions. “My dog would do anything for our family,” said Lily’s mother. “She’s our little hero.”

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Brave yorkie protects 10-year-old girl from vicious coyote