Charismatic Senior Dog Grabs Leash to Visit Best Friend

Cheddar and Jean are meant for each other.

If you’ve ever owned a dog, you’ll know how excited they get when you come home. People are dogs’ entire world, and these social creatures love to spend time with us humans. One senior pup can’t contain her excitement when she wants to visit her favorite person.

Cheddar is a precious eight-year-old golden retriever who had a fulfilling life with his first owner. When Cheddar’s human was diagnosed with cancer, he was put up for adoption. It didn’t take long for someone to scoop him up and give him a new home.

During a walk in his new neighborhood, Cheddar met an older woman named Jean. The adorable golden retriever demands to see Miss Jean every day and will even throw a fit if his owner says no.

He alerts them that it’s time to visit Jean by grabbing his leash and walking around. He even gestures that he wants to go to Jean’s house by walking in that direction. There’s no denying that Cheddar and his new neighbor share an unspoken bond.

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Charismatic Senior Dog Grabs Leash to Visit Best Friend