Charming horse melts hearts creating snow angels alongside owner

West Wind’s playfulness warms my heart! ❄️🐴

In the pristine, snowy landscape of Bradford, New Hampshire, a remarkable duo etches out their joy on a blank canvas of fresh, powdery snow. This pair, Sandy Hodskins and her four-legged friend, West Wind, share a bond that transcends language, united by an invisible thread of empathy, trust, and a shared love for frolicking in the snow. Sandy, a seasoned equestrian, and West Wind, her spirited Kiger Mustang mare, together bring to life a charming scene that you’ll get to witness in an enchanting video to follow.

At the heart of West Meadow Farm, Sandy practices Natural Horsemanship, a revolutionary approach that relies not on dominance or pain, but mutual understanding and communication with these majestic creatures. Here, in the crisp winter air, this human-horse duo creates an extraordinary tableau that becomes a testament to their profound connection.

The riveting video, shared on March 4th, 2023, opens to the scene of Sandy and West Wind venturing into a paddock freshly blanketed in snow. With the day’s work behind them, Sandy, filled with a childlike sense of play, surrenders to the enchantment of the winter landscape and invites her equine companion to join in.

Lying down in the untouched snow, Sandy starts crafting her snow angel, sparking the curiosity of West Wind. She then follows her human partner’s lead and together, they revel in the sheer joy of playfulness, reminiscent of children’s delight in the snow.

The compelling narrative of this video is not just about the unusual sight of a horse creating snow angels, but also about the beautiful bond Sandy shares with West Wind. A bond that began 16 years ago when West Wind was just a yearling, it stands today as a testament to communication without coercion, the power of empathy over punishment.

Our friends at the Animal Rescue Society provide more context for the video, emphasizing that Sandy’s unique way of working with horses prioritizes understanding and intelligence over fear. Their approach recognizes the horses’ emotional depth and cognitive abilities, leading to more effective training and unforgettable experiences such as these.

Soon, you’ll witness this captivating moment of Sandy and West Wind creating snow angels, a simple act that symbolizes their extraordinary connection. Prepare to be swept away by the joy, love, and companionship this beautiful video holds within.

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Charming horse melts hearts creating snow angels alongside owner