Chatty 4-Year-Old Melts Hearts With Her Precious Pugs

I don’t think this could get any cuter.

There aren’t many things as cute as a little puppy, but when paired with an adorable toddler, you better expect your heart to melt into a puddle. One young girl says the darndest things to her pet pugs, and we can’t get enough.

At just four years old, this little tike has quite a colorful vocabulary. She’ll cuddle up with her puppies to tell them how beautiful and smart they are right before asking them to jump on the bed with her.

It’s a unique childlike innocence that makes you wonder if canines and children understand each other on a level that adults can’t reciprocate. Seeing this cutie paint, run around, and even thank her puppies for chasing her, makes you want to be young again.

She and her pugs dance around the kitchen, sing lullabies, and take cozy naps in the dog bed together. We hope that they have a fun, long, and healthy life together filled with amazing memories.

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Chatty 4-Year-Old Melts Hearts With Her Precious Pugs