A chicken sees her rescuer at a distance and runs towards him. It’ll melt your heart!

Animals have feelings too and in the case of this chicken, it is love for the man that rescued her and gave her a better life.

The bond between animals and people has existed for a long time. Mankind has lived with animals near for several reasons. For starters, it was us who started invading the animal’s natural habitat and pushing them deeper into these habitats. In the process, we found animals capable of the most amazing feats, like surviving several days without food or water.

One of these famous animals was the camel. The camel became the animal of choice for people who lived in the desert, where extreme heat can take a toll on almost anyone. The camel’s most distinguishable feature is the fact that he can stand being in the desert heat and survive without drinking any water for several days. This would come in handy because of the lack of water the desert has.

People who used them would form caravans to make survival a lot easier. They employed these animals for carrying several things that the people would sell at the next village. They may not look fast, but they can run in excess of 56 km/hr. Speed is not a trait that people use in those extreme conditions, but it could come in handy at times.

Another animal that has a strong bond with mankind is the horse. In every other ecosystem where extreme desert heat was not involved, the horse became widely used for their training capabilities and the fact that they could be ridden or pull carriages. This has made many people share a strong bond with them and prevent any other person to ride them but their owner.

Besides these animals, people started using many other animals like pigs. Raising these animals would show people that they could get a substantial amount of meat and could feed their people for a long time. Cows were also used for the same reasons plus the fact that they could get milk out of them which improved the quality of their nutrition.

Another animal that became used in farms around the country is chickens. Chickens became the foundation of many ranches and farms for their ability to produce eggs. Many farmers started keeping them on a large scale which made their farms thrive. In some cases, some chickens need a helping hand from mankind. Such was the case of this little hen. She was rescued by a man and was taken to a chicken haven. The chicken and the man who rescued her have this amazing morning ritual that will melt your heart!