Clever Dogs Gets On A Bike And Takes It For A Ride

When he started to peddle, that’s when my jaw dropped. Seriously, you have to see what this dog can do.

Norman, the Scooter Dog, takes his first bike ride. He climbs aboard a specially-made bicycle and takes it for a spin, even peddling it himself on the first try. This athletic dog rides scooters, surfboards, and also jumps rope. Norman is a Briard, a sizeable French dog known for herding sheep.

Norman is just like any dog. He likes to go for walks, and he plays with toys, oh, and he rides a bike. Okay, so maybe Norman isn’t like any dog, after all. He’s very special and has learned to ride scooters, surfboards, and now is taking his first ride on a bicycle.

We see Norman climb on his bike for the first time. You know it’s specially made for him because you can see his name painted on the wheels. They have probably modified the bike to take in Norman’s size and how he handles other vehicles like his scooter. Watching Norman actually peddling the bike is hard to believe. Good boy!

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Clever Dogs Gets On A Bike And Takes It For A Ride