This Clever Macaw Has A Flair For The Dramatic – Death Scenes Are His Forte

Meet the absolute queen of drama queens.

Dogs are definitely some of the best companions in the world. They are not just adorable, but they make the best pets too. No wonder they are called “man’s best friend.” But birds aren’t far behind when it comes to being awesome pets either. They are just as loyal and affectionate as dogs if given the opportunity, and they certainly can entertain us. Just take a look at this beautiful green-winged macaw in the video below!

Dogs are brilliant when it comes to learning tricks, but I had no idea parrots had this ability as well. Apparently, voices and words aren’t the only things they can learn. When taught a trick, they actually learn very quickly and love doing them. It provides them with stimulation, so they don’t get bored.

Macaws are colorful long-tailed parrots that are native to Central America and North America. This green-winged macaw in the video below is called “Rio,” and he has the best trick up his sleeve. Wait till you see it.

Rio is sitting on his dad’s finger, and his dad pretends to shoot him with his other finger. The first time he does it, Rio doesn’t react, so his owner says, “Must have missed.” Then he does it again, and I’m not going to spoil it by telling you what Rio does this time. Just make sure you watch all till the end to see Rio’s sweet reward. Watch Rio’s favorite trick below.

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This Clever Macaw Has A Flair For The Dramatic – Death Scenes Are His Forte