Clever Vet Saves Tiny Pup with Horrible Jaw Injury

A mama dog who was an aggressive eater, chomped her pups face so hard she shattered his jaw. Thankfully, Dr. Karri from Vet Ranch was there to save him.

The tiny puppy in the video was three weeks old when she went too close to her mother’s food bowl, and her mom, an aggressive eater, was attacked. The mom bit her face reflexively and crushed her jaw.

The puppy was taken into Vet Ranch, where she received proper care and rehabilitation. She was then placed in a foster home. The description of the video says that “The owners of this puppy could not afford treatment and surrendered her. Luckily Dr. Karri was able to use Vet Ranch donations to fund her procedure and continued treatments over several weeks.”

It was heartbreaking to hear the puppy’s whimpers at first, but thankfully it gets better for the tiny girl. I guess mama didn’t want to share her food with anyone and got quite angry and instinctively reacted to protect her food source. When she bit the puppy, she broke the poor thing’s jaw, and then she could not eat properly. Her poor tongue wouldn’t even go back in her mouth.

In this clip, you can see part of the procedure the pup went through to repair the broken jaw, and it might be a bit graphic. But the best part is afterward when we see the little tike recovering and doing so much better. She can eat soft foods and is very hungry. At the end of the clip, this little puppy is back to normal and getting big and strong. What a transformation, all thanks to Dr. Karri and Vet Ranch.

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Clever Vet Saves Tiny Pup with Horrible Jaw Injury