Cockatoo Refusing Commands Throws Comical Temper Tantrum

OMG, I didn’t know cockatoos could swear.

Most parents are used to their child throwing a tantrum over something that’s not worth much attention. Whether they didn’t listen or they’re upset over not getting any more dessert, throwing a fit can be quite the show.

Children aren’t the only ones that can express their frustration by having a tantrum. A sassy cockatoo was caught on camera, being feisty to her owner. It’s hard to understand entirely what she says, but you can pick out a few curse words.

Pebble’s dad asks if she has an attitude that day, and the quirky bird responds, “Yeah, that’s right.” He asked her to go back in her cage, but she refuses to listen, and a hysterical temper tantrum ensues.

While she makes it seem as if she’ll never listen to her dad again, eventually, Pebbles makes her way back into the cage. We can see that she was upset, but sometimes when someone is throwing a fit, you can’t help but crack a smile.

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Cockatoo Refusing Commands Throws Comical Temper Tantrum