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Courageous man rescues trapped wolf from a fence

This wolf was definitely having a bad day until this man came along.

People tend to be terrified of wolves. But when this man saw a wolf hanging upside-down from a fence, he pushed down his fear to rescue the terrified wild animal.

Most of the time, apex predators like wolves would stay far away from humans. However, as development breaks up more of their hunting grounds, encounters like this become more common.

In this case, developers had placed a wire fence to block the fields from the road. The wolf had no choice but to go where their food was, so they tried to jump, only to get stuck.

It was hard to tell how long the wolf had hung by its foot, but the wolf was motionless as the man approached. They lay on the ground with their foot suspended above them.

Rescuing a wild animal like this can be dangerous. When rescuers approach an animal, they have no way of knowing if we mean well or if we are being opportunistic.

So, there is a strong chance that a wolf in this situation would hurt the rescuer or themselves. The brave man took each step slowly. “We’re trying to help, bud. We’re trying to help,” said the cameraman.

Using his wire cutters, the man released the wolf from the fence, and the nervous wolf pulled free. After hours of being trapped, this apex predator ran into the forest, free.

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Courageous man rescues trapped wolf from a fence