Cute Fox Is Happy To Have Coffee With Her Owners

Tea-Time is an enjoyable time for everyone, including one cute, cheeky Fennec fox named Djinn. She sits on her owner’s lap and enjoys it.

Fennec Foxes or Sand Fox, as they are also known, are intelligent little creatures that are found in the Sahara Desert. Its distinctive feature is it’s rather large ears. It likes to eat rodents, insects, birds, and eggs. They are very social creatures that enjoy resting when in contact with others of their species or humans.

One cheeky Fennec Fox, called Djinn, can be seen in the video enjoying being out with her owners. She is sitting on the lap of her owner and playing. She is a bit of a restless creature, and her tail can is moving all the time. This particular breed of fox has exceptional hearing capabilities, and you can see Djinn responding to slight whispers.

Djinn then shows curiosity about what might have been on the table and licks coffee from a small cup, seemingly enjoying it. She then curls up like a cat in her owner’s lap and closes her eyes. In the next part of the video, she is lying in her basket, very alert and active, and she seems to make a laughing noise.

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Cute Fox Is Happy To Have Coffee With Her Owners