The cutest dog is scared and rescued near a busy road

Seeing her with that little boy was just so beautiful.

Freya was a homeless dog found scared and alone by a busy intersection. Hope For Paws received an urgent text about her, and Loreta and Eldad drove over as quickly as possible.

They were worried that if Freya got spooked, she could run into the street. Loreta and Eldad spotted Freya and went toward her right away. Freya hid behind a metal fence.

Loreta threw pieces of a cheeseburger past the fence and tried to gain Freya’s trust. She considered grabbing her through the barricade, but Eldad advised against that. He preferred using a gentle snare.

The neighborhood they were in was known to have gang activity, and that may have made Loreta slightly nervous during the rescue. Fortunately, Freya was getting closer to them because of all the food.

With so many pieces of treats on the ground, Freya was distracted. Eldad was patient and waited for the right moment to put the snare on her. The fence limited his mobility, and he was careful.

Eventually, Eldad got the snare on Freya and pulled her closer. She tried to escape by thrashing around. Loreta put a leash on her and calmed Freya down by offering her more food.

They put her in their car and drove away. After receiving a bath, Loreta looked like a different dog and had a long nap. She happily played with other dogs and had a sweet time with a little boy.

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The cutest dog is scared and rescued near a busy road