Dad turns on the camera and records the hilarious conversation between baby and goat!

I don’t know about you but they both sounded exactly the same to me!

Do you believe animals communicate with us in many ways? This has been a subject of debate for animal psychologists and veterinarians alike. Animals have been moved from the ‘farm-only’ scenario to the ‘pet’ one. Many animal ‘psychologists’ believe that animals learn to adapt to their new surroundings very fast.

Some of these experts even went so far as to suggest that some animals will ‘learn’ other animal’s behavior and act convincingly similar. They did an example of a puppy with a litter or cats. What they did was to put a newborn puppy with a litter of newborn kittens. To make matters interesting, they used a pit bull puppy for the example.

The animals grew up together and surprisingly the dog did learn quite a few ‘behaviors’ of the kittens. He would rub himself against their owner and paw a little bit more when he was playing with the other kittens. The people in charge of the experiment said that they had not observed any aggressive behavior of the dog towards the kittens.

Many dog psychologists believe that we tend to “humanize” animals, especially dogs. We make them eat with us, sleep on our beds and share our space, then we start to wonder why our pets have suddenly started to be more protective of what they consider to be ‘their’ space. They will also show signs of human-like behavior like acting jealous to the arrival of a new baby.

Not only dogs and cats have been humanized in this way. There have been other animals that have seen a surge in adoption as pets. Such is the case of pigs. More and more people are starting to have pigs as pets. They will dress them up as piglets and carry them around as if he or she was a Yorkshire, a Poodle or any other designer pet. This has made them also act a little bit human from time to time.

You won’t believe your eyes when you see this but even sheep have also started to behave like humans. The following video features a baby that is taken to meet one of the little sheep in the barn. The baby is curious about the new friend and tries to touch him to see how it feels. A few seconds into the meeting, they start having the funniest conversation you have ever seen!