Deaf Great Dane Throws An Adorable Tantrum When Mom Says “Don’t Go In The Pool…”

Beautiful and adorable. He needs pants, too.

The big fellow starring in this video clip is a deaf Great Dane called Max. Although he’s deaf, he can read human facial expressions and body language so he quickly picks up the cues of what his owners are saying.

Great Danes may be large, but they are really just big babies at heart. They are friendly and gentle and pretty smart with it!

In his video, he is gazing longingly at the family swimming pool. His home looks fairly palatial, it looks like Max is living the good life. And luckily for him, his owners give him the very best of care, even if he disagrees.

Today, his Mom has him dressed in a shirt to protect his elbow calluses and keep them dry by preventing Max from licking them. So, she certainly doesn’t want him going to the pool. However, Max is determined to go swimming and every time his Mom tells him he can’t he throws a tiny tantrum so everyone will know how disappointed he is.

It is amusing to hear poor Max vocalize his feelings, he is really quite expressive. Though it does tug at the heart-strings a bit. Yet his Mom persists, repeating the bad news as kindly, but firmly, as she can. Max isn’t having any of it, he tells her what he thinks about her rules and his elbows and anything else he can think of, particularly that darn shirt.

The fact that Max is deaf doesn’t stop him from voicing his opinion. Max can read lips and facial expressions. Watch and laugh as he loudly talks back to his mom, when she tries to explain that he can’t go swimming with his new shirt. Mom’s pool rules are just no fun at all and Max talks back with his opinion!

The funny way he challenges his owner’s swimming ban you would think he could hear every word she said. But overall, life is pretty good for Max. He has his own Facebook page which reveals that he lives with his Great Dane sibling, Katie, some family cats, and of course his Mom and Dad.

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Deaf Great Dane Throws An Adorable Tantrum When Mom Says “Don’t Go In The Pool…”