Two dog brothers food review with taste test

These dogs know their food!

Many times when people are served food they believe is subpar, they say something like, “I wouldn’t feed that to my dog!” This implies that their dog eats almost anything.

While most dogs might not be picky, that doesn’t mean that dogs don’t understand good food. In this video, two dog brothers give their honest opinions on various foods.

Ronan the Husky and Oliver the Golden Retriever are very good boys. They put on a great food critic show as they wait patiently for their mom to give them different kinds of food to taste test.

The first food is raw baby carrots. Oliver is excited to see the carrot and begins crunching it right away. Ronan the Husky isn’t so sure if he wants the raw veggie. He does eat all of it.

Next, the brothers’ mom gives them a single blueberry, which seems wrong. Certainly, the boys want more than a little taste. The blue orb is gone in a flash.

Ronan seems to enjoy the broccoli more than Oliver, or maybe the Husky is just faster on the draw in taking the crowns from their mom’s hand.

When she starts bringing out the good stuff, like cheese and bacon, it’s every brother for himself. Neither one of them eats the lemon though. Some things just aren’t worth the calories.

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Two dog brothers food review with taste test