Dog teaches his baby brother how to be a better human

I love the pacifier and strawberry moments. So cute!

Most of the time, we think of people as the ones who train dogs. But in the case of baby Ted and his canine older brother, Elvis, the training seemed to go both ways.

But maybe training was not the right word to describe their relationship. “They’re just like brothers,” said their mom, Mikaela. “They fight over things like toys or sticks outside. At the same time, they’re always looking after each other.”

While some people might have been anxious about introducing their baby to their dog, Elvis made it clear from the first day that he was going to be a spectacular older brother.

“When Elvis met Ted, he knew [he] was something precious and [that he] needed to be gentle,” said Mikaela. Wherever Ted went, Elvis was right behind. “Elvis always was with him.”

As Ted got older, he learned from his big brother’s example. “When Ted was starting to crawl, we noticed that he would take toys in his mouth and crawl after Elvis,” said Mikaela.

Ted learned more from Elvis than how to carry his toys. He learned how to become a better person, too. “Elvis is teaching Ted how to be patient, gentle and generous,” said Mikaela.

Mikaela cannot wait to see what adorable adventures her two kids get into as Ted gets older. “My favorite thing about their friendship is that they have each other,” said Mikaela.

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Dog teaches his baby brother how to be a better human