Dog Throws A HILARIOUS Tantrum When Mom Tells Him That He Can't Open His Presents Early!

Tonks the dog was a good boy all year and was really excited because he knew that Santa would come and deliver him a Christmas present. When he saw the incredible gifts under the tree he was so excited and he wanted to open them early. But Mom told him that he had to wait until Christmas day.

Watch as the dog throws a hilarious tantrum because he can’t open his presents. I’m sure we’ve all seen a toddler do this, but I’ve never seen a dog react in this way. I guess he really wants to play with his new toys.

This impatient pup tries to persuade his mum to let him open the present on Christmas Eve. He even tries to sneak a quick look to find out what he’s getting. This is a really cute video that is guaranteed to brighten up your day.

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