Dog Waits By The Beach For His Friend. When You See Who It Is… WHOA!

While on a summer trip to the beach with his human friend, a dog called Louie showed his most adventurous side. He shows that a dog’s friendliness really knows no limits! In the video that we brought today, Louie the swimmer dog can be seen standing on the sand, right on the edge of the water, as he anxiously waits for someone to come swimming. You’ll never guess who he is!

He wags his tail in excitement as he waits for his friend, and all of a sudden, a pod of dolphins swim right by the dog. Louie then shows what his real goal in life is and jumps right into the water with the dolphins! It turns out he was waiting for them all along, and his owner even cheers him up and encourages him to swim up to the dolphin cod.

As most of us already know, dogs and dolphins are both famous for their unbelievable friendliness, and this video demonstrates that it’s not just for humans to enjoy, either. They can befriend each other very easily, and don’t have any trouble swimming together and having fun in the sun.

Watch this unbelievable dog and dolphin friendship in the video right below!

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