Dracula parrots are spooky-beautiful

It is heart wrenching that these birds are hunted for what makes them beautiful.

Parrots, like the cockatiel, are adorable, chatty creatures. Humans love them cos they can speak to us. Well, not all parrots are the same. A species native to New Guinea would give you goosebumps.

The Dracula Parrot is covered with black and red feathers. Jet-black feathers envelop their tails, back, and head. Then the perfect Dracula look is complete with scarlet red feathers from the abdomen to the feet.

They have a body span of 18 inches and a length of 1 meter from tail to beak. One of them, hanging on a tree and looking sideways, engulfs the heart of onlookers in complete fear.

At that sight, you may think Dracula parrots are top predators and would devour any form of flesh. Not so fast! Scary as they look, the birds strictly feed on figs and fruits.

A sad fact: the population of the Dracula Parrot is declining drastically. According to Redlist, these birds are on the “endangered” list. Every day, they are hunted for their distinctive feathers by cruel humans.

A short note from Redlist reads, “hunting for feathers peaks in environments with high human population. Security improves in the habitats with low human population density, providing the birds better opportunities to thrive.”

There are only about 20k to 49k adults seeking safety in the forest trees of New Guinea. The safety of these birds and our planet at large rests on our shoulders.

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Dracula parrots are spooky-beautiful