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Elephant Orphanage Introduces Adorable Rescue to New Family

It’s so lovely seeing an animal accept a baby that isn’t theirs.

Whether it’s a child or animal finding their forever home, everyone needs somewhere they feel safe, comfortable, and loved. Thanks to the HERD Elephant Orphanage in South Africa, an adorable little elephant, is finding all of that and more.

Khanyisa may be small, but she’s ready to meet the members of her adoptive herd. In this video, she’s introduced to September, a 25-year-old elephant, and her 13-year-old daughter, Klaserie.

Elephants aren’t the most trusting animals upon initially meeting someone new. While Klaserie was a bit unsure of Khanyisa, they slowly became more comfortable with one another over the first few days of being around each other.

Just like a person would, the adorable adopted elephant recognizes her new mom, Lundi. She’s doing a fantastic job of taking care of her and handling all of the extra responsibilities of rescuing a baby.

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Elephant Orphanage Introduces Adorable Rescue to New Family