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Elephant’s Heartbreaking Loss Leads to Unexpected Discovery

Elephants have incredible memory power. It’s all the more difficult for them to forget things. Now, imagine the grief.

Elephant and dog

Here’s a video making its way around the internet, capturing viewers’ hearts everywhere. It’s a tale of friendship, of love that knows no bounds, of two souls brought together by fate. This story concerns Tarra, an elephant, and Bella, her faithful canine companion.


When Bella arrived at the sanctuary, Tarra knew she had found her best friend. They slept, ate, drank, and played together, their bond growing stronger with each passing day. But their friendship was put to the test when a severe back injury felled Bella. Tarra visited her every day as Bella convalesced in the sanctuary’s office, a testament to their relationship’s unwavering devotion.

Elephant and dog

Unfortunately, Bella passed away in 2011, leaving Tarra to mourn her loss. But the elephant’s pain was eased by the other elephants at the sanctuary, who stepped in to comfort her through her grieving process. Tarra’s story is a beautiful reminder of the power of friendship and the bonds that bring us together.

Elephant and dog

If this touching story moves you, watch the video and share it with your friends. Pin it to your social media pages and spread the message of Tarra and Bella’s friendship far and wide. Because in a world where it can often feel like there’s little hope, stories like this offer a glimmer of light and a reminder of the goodness in all of us.

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Elephant\'s Heartbreaking Loss Leads to Unexpected Discovery