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Elephants run to welcome rescued baby elephant

You can tell how much they care for the baby.

A herd of elephants could not contain their excitement when a rescued baby was placed with them inside their enclosure.

A herd of elephants at the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand provided a stirring welcome for the newest member of their family, a rescued orphan.

The orphan elephant was rescued and brought to the elephant sanctuary, where he will be allowed to grow up in a safe environment.

When the other elephants noticed his arrival, they ran across the field to join the new arrival as he became accustomed to his smaller enclosure.

Using their trunks and touching the baby carefully, the elephants created an instant bond that will never be broken.

One thing is for certain – this rescued orphan will not have to worry anymore about being part of a family. This is his family now.

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Elephants run to welcome rescued baby elephant